We offer advice, mentoring and suggestions when it comes to maintenance on your GLOCK Pistols, easily being able to supply you spare components as needed or compiling spare parts kits typically associated to preventative maintenance measures on your GLOCK. 

With extensive experience into competing in IPSC with GLOCK Pistols we are able to give you necessary information, the do and don’t conversation allowing you to get the most durable and reliable performance out of your pistol. 

We have worked hard to bring you cost effective and high performance products that are sure to assist you in the maintenance, lubrication, upgrades and much more. 

Mostly focused on the sport shooting market we have a variety of products that boast themselves in the end result and quality of what you receive as the customer, below are some items we have specifically designed to suit their best performances based on your end results needs and more. 

Our continuous bundle is included below, receiving a DVC Gun Sanitizer, several forms of picks and swabs along with a sample DVC Slick Grease Product. 

Contact us for pricing and information about this great deal, this gets your cleaning systems setup and allows for ease of cleaning your guns.

We have a variety of different combo deals that are available on a regular basis. Normally brining you specials to products included in these combo deals, if you would like to find out more about what we have available please contact us on details provided below. 

One of our popular products is the DVC Slick Grease, a purposely designed and engineered lubricant for guns, anything from revolvers to semi-automatic shotguns and rifles, we have you covered.

With so many products on the market advertised as being more than a lubricant or having multi-dimensional uses between preservative, cleaning and lubrication we were never satisfied with the properties that each one of these elements had as a product. Bringing you a lubricant that does it’s job exceptionally well. Recently introducing limited runs in different colours “Purple & Salmon”

We are the original researchers, designers and perfectionists of the DVC GLOCK Cube – designed as a dry fire aid for GLOCK users, this cube fits in-between the hood of the barrel and the breechface of the slide allowing multiple shot capability in dry fire practice. Carefully manufactured to create realistic movements, dimensions and reset points of your trigger allows for more realistic feedback during your skills development. We have also perfected a model specifically for the CZ P-10 Series Pistols.

  • Vickers Magazin Release
  • s-l1000
  • p_100002692_2
  • opplanet-glock-range-kit-ap60220-main
  • grip-plug-glock-19-gen-4
  • grip-plug-glock-19-gen
  • glock-pistol-iii-stretch-fit-cap-2138082607147_x700
  • glock-baseball-cap
  • GLOCK-19X-HAT-2
  • Glock Spares - 2
  • Glock Spares - 1
  • Glock Magazines -1
  • Glock Lanyard
  • Glock Coffee Mug
  • Glock cap
  • 3gl18-glock19x-mag
  • vic-vtmfp-001b-vickers-tactical-glock-tactical-magazine-floor-plate-_5x-blue_02

Over and above all products we supply in the end result for the best performing requirements that our customers have come to love we also offer laser engraving services that are either setup to your requirements or designed through customization giving you the best possible branding or product outcome you desire. 

DVC Combo 1
Slick Week